IEEE Accomplishments

1)   As vice-chair and chair of IEEE Spain Section AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter she worked to revitalize it organizing numerous technical activities inviting internationally recognized experts in the various field of interest to deliver lectures in seminars, workshops, and plenary talks in national symposia. These activities were organized not only in Madrid, but in other Spanish cities, like Barcelona, Valencia, Santander, Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, Granada, and so on. She also organized other non-technical meetings and attended the Chapter Chairs meetings organized at the main IEEE Symposiums and Conferences of both societies. The chapter acquired a high level of activity.


2)   As Chair of IEEE Spain Section she contributed to the development of the Section encouraging and helping the formation of new Chapters, the first Women in Engineering Affinity Group worldwide, namely IEEE Spain Section WIE Affinity Group, and new Student Branches all over Spain. She established a policy for supporting all different entities in the Section, in particular all Student Branches activities and implemented a number of actions in order to strengthen the links between all Section units, e.g., she invited representatives of all Student Branches together with their Counselors to all Section meetings. She took also actions for the retention of students as IEEE members. She worked for the recognition of Section members: 11 members received Millennium Medals. She hosted an IEEE Board of Directors meeting in Madrid in May 1997 and organized a Region 8 Committee meeting in Seville in March 2001. She improved the Spain Section visibility at the Region and the global IEEE level. She used those events to strengthen the links between IEEE Spain Section units and members and IEEE higher level units. Those actions were also instrumental for the retention of IEEE Spain Section members. She attended the 1999, 2002 and 2005 Sections Congress helping with events of interest to Spain Section, Region 8, Women in Engineering and Student Activities.


3)   As IEEE Region 8 Committee members besides increasing the visibility of Spain Section within Region 8 she encouraged a number of IEEE Spanish members to volunteer for different positions at Region 8 level, namely, as GOLD representative, Vice Chair of Student Activities, Student Representative, and so on. She also succeeded in convincing Region 8 Committee to nominate and appoint a WIE coordinator, who was instrumental for the increment of WIE Affinity Groups in Region 8 and the retention of female and male students as IEEE members through WIE. As mentioned before she organized and hosted an IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting in Seville, Spain, in March 2001.


4)   As IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) and mainly during her term as WIEC Chair, she implemented a number of actions to increase not only the number of WIE members, both females and males, but the number of WIE Affinity Groups worldwide. She suggested names of female members of Region 8 to 10 as WIEC members in order to make WIEC more transnational. Together with her colleagues in WIEC they achieved a great success: the number of WIE members increased tremendously being much higher than those of many technical IEEE societies and the number of WIE affinity groups, both at the student and the professional levels reached much higher numbers than the number of chapters of many technical societies. She promoted the idea of having WIE Regional coordinators and WIE Societies coordinators who participated in WIEC meetings. She promoted and helped to organize WIE forums and meetings in international IEEE Conferences. She gave talks about WIE at the Sections Congress and co-authored an article on WIE published in Region 8 Newsletter. Also, whenever she has been invited to IEEE Student Branches activities she has been asked to give talks about WIE, and she is proud to say that she helped young females and males to join WIE and start volunteering for IEEE.


5)  As AP-S Administrative Committee member at large she collaborated on all projects related to the development of AP-S membership and the activities of the Society worldwide. She joined the AP-S Transnational Committee, where she further continued these actions. During 2010, as AP-S President Elect, she collaborated with the AP-S 2010 President in all actions related to the improvement of the service of the Society to its membership. During 2011, as AP-S President she undertook a number of projects to increase the number of members of AP-S in Regions 8 to 10 and better understand member needs, attending to national, regional, cultural and other differences in order to better serve them. She has been especially active in Eastern European countries, India, China and other Asian countries, and many Central and South America countries, where, as a consequence, the number of members, chapters and AP-S sponsored conferences is increasing. During the recent years, as AP-S Past President she has been able to see those efforts formalized in several outreach projects, participating in many of them. She also worked to harmonize AP-S with closely related Societies. In 2011 she participated as AP-S President in the Sections Congress joining the effort between MGAB, TAB and other IEEE organizational units, to bring to the member the one and global IEEE, so that they will find in IEEE their professional home. She is using all the experience accumulated from her MGA and TA service to work to the best of her ability as IEEE 2014 Sections Congress General Chair.

IEEE AP-S Region 9 Outreach Project, Bogota, Colombia, January 2014. With members of the IEEE Colombia Section Student Branches

Women in Engineering Committee Meeting, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, February 2006

Honours Forum Dialogue Series, University of Macao, Macao, China, March 2011. With some of the students who attended the Forum.


101st IEEE Region 8 Meeting, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, October 2013. During the Director-Elect nominees debate
8th International Workshop on Finite Elements for Microwave Engineering, Stellenbosch, South Africa, May 2006
Seminar at Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, July 2014. With the organizers and some of the students who attended the seminar
2nd International Workshop Women in Electromagnetics, WiEM 2013, Coimbatore, India, March 2013
IEEE Region 9 Outreach Project. Seminar at Colombia National University. With AP-S President Sarkar (left), Region 9 Coordinator Barbin (2nd from the left) and some attendees, Bogota, Colombia, January 2014

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