Academic Employments / Academic and Professional Specializations


Academic Employments



Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación, ETSIT, Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,  UPM, Technical University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain, October 1972 – December 1973.

Researcher (grant aided),

ETSIT, UPM, Madrid, Spain, January 1973 – December 1976.

Assistant Professor,

ETSIT, UPM, Madrid, Spain, January 1973 – December 1976. (1)

Assistant Professor,

ETSIT, UPM, Madrid, Spain, November 1984 – June 1996.

Interim Associate Professor,

ETSIT, UPM, Madrid, Spain, June 1996 – December 1996. 

Associate Professor,

ETSIT, UPM, Spain, January1997 – February 2004.

Associate Professor (on leave from UPM),

Escuela Politécnica Superior, EPS, College of Engineering, Universidad  Carlos III de Madrid, UC3M, Charles the Third University of Madrid, Leganés, Madrid, Spain, February 2004 – November 2005.

Full Professor,

EPS, UC3M, Leganés, Madrid, Spain, November 2005 – present.

(1) From January 1, 1977, until October 31, 1984, she was not connected to any University or professional job and lived out of Spain for personal reasons


Academic Specialization (Teaching Interests)

·      Electromagnetic Theory

·      Antennas and Propagation

·      Circuit Analysis and Design

·      Communication Theory

·      Laboratory of Communication Electronics

·      Advanced Filters and Networks Synthesis

·      Microwaves and High Frequency Technologies


Professional Specialization (Research Interests or Lines of Research)


·      Simulation, design, implementation and experimental characterization of passive devices and antennas in the microwave frequency band using planar (hybrid and monolithic) and waveguide technologies.

·      Advanced numerical and computational methods and signal processing techniques applied to the development of software packages for the analysis and design of electromagnetic structures, microwave devices and antennas.

·      Advanced synthesis methods for the design of self-equalized filters with complex amplitude response and compact multiplexers for the new generation of communication systems and satellite communications.

·      Antenna array and adaptive/smart antennas design using deterministic algorithms based on a single snapshot and considering mutual coupling, scattering from interfering objects and other effects through electromagnetic techniques.

·      Metamaterials and new materials for the design of multi-band and miniaturized passive devices and antennas.

·      Passive and active devices and antennas for millimeter wave, submillimeter wave and THz frequency bands.

·      Radio waves propagation.

·      History of Telecommunications.