Research Projects Financed through Competitive Calls (National and International)


She has participated in a total of 41 Research Projects funded by Public Institutions through competitive calls: 32 financed by Spanish Public Institutions, 6 by the European Union, and 3 by USA Public Institutions, with a total amount of funding grants of 4,753,926.95 €. These, added to the Research and Development Contracts financed by Spanish and USA companies and institutions (see detailed information in the corresponding tab) gives a total of 90 Research Projects and Contracts with a total funding of 6,784,060.47 €.


The 32 projects funded by Spanish Public Institutions were either funded by National Institutions (Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología, CICYT, Spain Interministry Commission of Science and Technology; Ministerio de Educación y Cultura, MEC, Spain Ministry of Education and Culture; Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación, MAEC, Spain Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, MICINN, Spain Ministry of Science and Innovation), which is the case of 22 of them, or by Regional Institutions (Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid, CAM, Madrid Regional Government), which is the case of 5 of them, or, finally, by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, UC3M, Charles the Third University of Madrid, which is the case of the remaining 5 projects. They are listed below, with their title, funding institution, duration, and the role, as Principal Investigator, PI (6 cases), or researcher (26 cases). Projects nn. 4, 10, 13, 21, 30, 31 and 32 were not research projects, but grants for the organization of meetings. Also, projects nn. 28 and 29 were not research projects but grants to set up a web page and secretarial work. The total amount of funding for these 32 projects was of 3,450,841.24 €.


The 6 projects funded by the European Union correspond to different programs: ESPRIT (European Strategic Program on Research in Information Technology), which is the case of projects nn. 33 and 37, Mobility of student or researchers, which is the case of nn. 34 and 35, Education program, which is the case of project n. 36, or, finally, Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, FEDER, European Regional Development Fund, which is the case of project n. 38. The projects are listed below, with their title, program, duration, and the role, as PI or Key Person (3 cases), or researcher (3 cases). The total amount of funding for these 6 projects was of 971,457.50 €.


The USA Public Institutions funding the remaining 3 projects are the National Science Foundation, NSF, Washington, DC; Office of Naval Research, ONR, Washington, DC, & Air Force Research Laboratories, AFRL, Rome, NY; and the European Office of Aerospace Research & Development, EOARD, the European office of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, AFOSR, a directorate of AFRL. The projects are listed below, with their title, funding institution, duration, and the role, as PI (2 cases), or researcher (1 case). The total amount of funding for these 3 projects was of 331,628.21 €.  


A. Projects financed by Spanish Public Institutions


National Institutions


1.      Analysis, Modeling and Computer Aided Design of Microwave and Millimeter Wave Non Linear Circuits. Application to Radiolinks. CICYT. 1988-1991. Researcher.

2.      Design of Gallium Arsenide Microwave Monolithic Circuits. CICYT. 1989-1992. Researcher.

3.      GaAs Monolithic Analog Circuits for Microwave Communications Systems up to 23 GHz. CICYT. 1990-1992. Researcher.

4.      European Microwave Conference. CICYT. 1993. Researcher.

5.      Monolithic Smart Antenna for Mobile Satellite Communications. CICYT. 1993-1996. Researcher.

6.      Smart Antenna for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Signals. CICYT. 1996-1999. Researcher.

7.      Analysis of High Efficiency Feeders for Reflective Antennas for Satellite Communications. MEC. 1997. PI.

8.      Analysis of High Efficiency Reflective Antennas Feeders for Satellite Communications 2. MEC. 1998-1999. PI.

9.      High Spectral Efficiency Advanced Communications. Application to LMDS System. CICYT. 1999-2002. Researcher.

10.   IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting. CICYT. 2001-2002. Researcher.

11.   Passive Components Advanced Synthesis Methods for the New Generation of Millimeter Wave Band Communication Systems. CICYT. 2002-2006. PI.

12.   Special Action: Design and Feasibility Study of the Contribution to the Construction of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, ALMA. CICYT. 2003-2004. Researcher.

13.   Special Action: 7th International Workshop on Finite Elements for Microwave Engineering. CICYT. 2004-2005. PI.

14.   Millimeter Wave Super-Resolution Interferometric ISAR Sensor. CICYT. 2005-2006. Researcher.

15.   New Materials, Devices and Antennas for the Improvement of Radiofrequency Front End Features. CICYT. 2006-2009. Researcher.

16.   Analysis and Design of Multifrequency and/or Miniaturized Antennas Based on Metamaterials. MAEC. 2007. PI.

17.   hp Automatic Adaptivity in Three Dimensions for the Analysis of Microwave Passive Devices and Antennas. CICYT. 2007-2010. Researcher.

18.   Terahertz Technology for Electromagnetic Sensing Applications (TERASENSE). MICINN. 2008-2013. Researcher.

19.   New Electronic and Optical Techniques for the Development of Imaging Arrays in Millimeter and Terahertz (THz) Frequency Bands. Applications. CICYT. 2009-2012. Researcher.

20.   Analysis of Regular and Irregular Finite Periodic Structures Using Parallel Domain Decomposition Techniques with Automatic hp Adaptivity. CICYT. 2010-2013. Researcher.

21.   26th National Symposium of the International Radio Scientific Union, URSI 2011. MICINN, CICYT. 2011-2012. Researcher.

22.   Development of a High Bit Rate Integrated Communications System in the THz Frequency Band. CICYT. 2014-2016. Researcher.      


Madrid Regional Government (CAM)


23.   Training of Technical Staff Program: Computer Aided Design (CAD) of Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits (MMIC). Regional Ministry of Education. 1990-1993. Researcher.

24.   Special Action: Implementation of Microwave Hybrid and Monolithic Circuits. Regional Ministry of Education. 1993. Researcher.

25.   Special Action: Smart Antenna for Mobile Satellite Communications. Infrastructure Project. Regional Ministry of Education. 1995. Researcher.

26.   Development of Highly Efficient Multifunction Compact Antennas Based on EBGs and Metamaterials. Regional Ministry of Education. 2007. Researcher.

27.   Development of New Ultrawideband Antennas. Regional Ministry of Education. 2008-2009. Researcher.


Charles the Third University of Madrid (UC3M)


28.   Radiofrequency Group WEB. 2008-2009. Researcher.

29.   Scientific Positions. 2008-2009. PI.

30.   26th National Symposium of the International Radio Scientific Union, URSI 2011. 2011-2012. Researcher.

31.   International Workshop on THz Technology and Applications. 2011-2012. Researcher.

32.   Fundamentals on Antennas: The Antenna as a Communication System Block (European School on Antennas, ESoA, Course). 2013. Researcher.


B. Projects financed by the European Union (EU)


33.   GaAs Monolithic Analog Circuits for Microwave Communications Systems up to 23 GHz (ESPRIT 5018 – COSMIC). ESPRIT. 1990-1993. Key Person during 27 months. Rest: Researcher.

34.   High Frequency Electronics (ICP-E-2107-06). Mobility. 1992-1995. PI during 12 months. Rest: Researcher.

35.   Microwave Technology for Telecommunications (ERRCHRXCT 930214). Mobility. 1993-1995. PI during 12 months. Rest: Researcher.

36.   Tele-Education Network (TEN). Education. 1996-1999. Researcher.

37.   Twin Carrier Single Transceiver Base Station for PCS (ESPRIT 24137 - TWIST). ESPRIT. 1997-1999. Researcher.

38.   Anechoic Chamber Equipment for Antenna Experimental Characterization and the Study of Array Microwave Signals Optical Distribution. FEDER. 2005-2007. Researcher.


C. Projects financed by USA Public Institutions


39.   Adaptive Antennas and Diversity Techniques for Wireless Communication. NSF, Washington, DC. 2000-2004. PI.

40.   Intelligent Conformal Arrays. ONR, Washington, DC, USA, and AFRL, Rome, NY. 2004-2006. PI.

41.   Self-Adaptive Electromagnetic Solver Using hp-finite Elements for the Analysis of the Scattering and Radiation of Electromagnetic Waves. EOARD (AFOSR, AFRL). 2007-2008. Researcher.